Final Exit – Middle Aged Stinking Cowboys (The Child With No Name)

Cheerful duo from Japan came back to us with some new noise! Work which is named Middle Aged Stinking Cowboys is pretty interesting, amusing, silly and sometimes even very groovy. All the material was recorded in spring 2015 but it was released only now. Take a closer look at this strange cowboy on the cover. Something crazy like that is waiting for you inside. The guys tried really hard to capture the atmosphere of the Wild West, with its endless prairies and the smell of wild buffalo shit. For the intro part, they used whistling wind sounds and the sound of old colt’s gunfire…they also used acoustic guitar sound. In the “Mouton” song, you can even hear some surf rock haha!) But boys don’t forget to add their wild and fast brand noise at the most unexpected moments (for example, for one moment, a sad tune is playing then booom! and your eardrums burst from an acute noise attack). This record is ending on a sad and lyric song “Sсat Of Middle Aged Stinking Cowboys”… 

In case you are wondering, this EP was released as a collab work of two good polish labels “The Child With No Name” and “Fat Ass Records”. It’s a single side vinyl and you will get a small poster with yellow cowboy on one side and Hisao and Ryohei on the other, as a bonus. 

Rating: 8/10  Final Exit       Buy this EP HERE!  

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