Convulsions – S/T

А fresh blood in Spanish grind legion! Local label Hecatombe Records made a right choice when they decided to release these guys! The Convulsions’ name is not very well known yet, but I guess this situation will change very quickly. And it`s not just compliment because guys really deserve it. It`s pretty rare thing when young band can hook up so hard with their debut work. Honestly I was really surprised when I heard that stuff for first time. You can feel that guys worked really hard and have put a part of them in this record. The sound is really good and “tasty”. The energy, which boys have put into the record, is transmitted and enters into the listener like a plague… after I heard first track I wanted jump into the moshpit!)) I really like fact that guys are starting to press you right from the beginning and they don’t weaken their grip right up to the very end. These 10 songs are pretty varied, they have a different rhythm… Convulsions made a very cool mix of grindcore, metal, crust and some hardcore. The songs sound highly lively and unboring and it`s very important thing. If this release was a drink, it would be a top-quality infused vodka mixed with dried bitter herbs that were left in for a very long time. And in the end I can say that this debut is successful. I hope that in the future guys will not drop raised bar.

Rating: 9/10     Convulsions       Hecatombe Records 

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