Deboned / Striver

Oh, these canadians, they can make you laugh! Just look at the cover art, ahaha. What an unattractive woman, and this drunk naked and dirty man is supposed to be her boyfriend, ahaha!) I open it and there in “thanks” part I see «no thanks to Devost for spoiling Star Wars», oh, I remember that moment, Deboned vocalist have made some fun of Disney SW fans, ahahah!) Hm, I went offtop, sorry… in short this is a split with two good canadian bands which was released by force of bunch of labels all over the world (which shows that by united forces of people many things could be done). Side А – Striver. On this split guys added a small portion of powerviolence in their chaos. This could be well heard at the beginning of first song, you can hear how slow the rhytm rises. Also this track is very long, it is 4 (!) minutes. I can’t say this is the best material from Striver that I’ve ever heard but this 2 tracks are good enough. Maybe sound here isn’t brilliant but everything sounds quiet evil (hysterical screams and growls, sharp guitars and drumming violence, here it is). Side B – Deboned. This grindcore is filthy like an old homeless, ahaha! Raw but pleasant sound, simple but warm rhytms… yeah, this is what you need for the good mood. I know these guys love old grind/metal bands very much and I feel it in their songs. Buzzing guitars, basement-like drums sound and also vocalists’ screams…all this reminds of old school. And yes, it can’t be managed without samples picked from different old movioes, hehe)
Rating: 8/10 You can order this split HERE!

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