Savage Man Savage Beast – The Stiffs Are Looking Lively (Rottenpyosis Records)

It’s impossible to hear and know every band over our big globe (even if you spend all your life for this) so that`s why no wonder that I know nothing about Savage Man Savage Beast. But with Rottenpyosis Records’ help many of you can discover that band. This discography contains (probably) all material recorded… as you can see here is 4 demo tapes, songs from split with Blue Holocaust / Microphallus and even unreleased stuff! I don’t know who digitized those tapes and how, also don’t know who cleaned the sound, but fuck me… the final result is so nice. 🙂 Individual respect for the work with the sound! And let’s talk about good things more… look at design of this release. It really feels like that artist fully imbued with the old school, with spirit of old grind death music and and embodied these abominations in his paintings, hahaha)

Savage Man Savage Beast left a good legacy (64 tracks). I’m more than confident that fans of old cybergrind will be really happy. In the millstones of this grinder are fray electronic drums, distorted (like in goregrind) vocals, sharp guitars and also a good piece of old death metal. Honestly, nowadays almost no one can play such music, everything in that genre (or near that) today is frankly fake… but that energy and roaring SMSB has really touched my soul. So if you are interested in old school noises then I strongly recommend you to get acquainted with this CD.

Rating: 8/10     Buy this CD thru Rottenpyosis Records

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