Last Days Of Humanity – In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Fat Ass records)

Oh boy I guess that we all can talk about those guys forever. As for me personally this mini album is something like a pure sample of gorenoise. That stuff was released more than 10 years ago but that material keeps making us happy, people listen to those songs for 10 years and it does not get much older!) As many of you already know polish label Fat Ass rec is making reissues of all LDOH albums in vinyl format and now it`s time for In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. And first of all I want to talk about its design, because it’s worth for it! New design is so fucking great! That view of dissected human skull is so disgusting, hahaha! But that polish maniac didn’t stop only on that, you think that new artwork is cool? look closely at vinyl! On one side we got record but on other, just look, we have very beautiful engraving. How do you like that?) With dialogs from different movies we got just a little more than 7 minutes of putrid pleasure. Of course this material is not as badass as Putrefaction In Progress (as for me it is the masterpiece of LDOH creativity) but this mini cd is worth for attention of every gore lover. That pressure and the evil of dutch dudes, cannot be confused with anything! Ultra fast blast beats with with that special sound of snare drum just please your ears like, like… like a whore pleases her client in a cheap mitel room, hahaha! Deep, low and nasty vocals, smeared guitar, like liquid swamp, suck you in. So I think that this reissue should be on the shelf of every goregrind freak! Rating: 8.5/10 LDOH Buy this album thru Fat Ass rec!

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