Overviolence (22.11.16)

Hola amigos! How are you doing brothers? Could you introduce yourself to our readers please?

Hey! We are three easy going long time friends with an appetite for fast music. Esse-git/vox, Henke-vox/bass, Erik-drums. We have been playing together as Overviolence since early 2013, we like hanging out together and we like fast tunes. The band is the ultimate social club!

Just a week ago you were back from your asian tour. Tell us about that a little bit, what countries did you visit, how many local freaks visited your gigs? And what memories and emotions did you bring with you back home?
Yeah, it was a blast. We did 7 shows in Malaysia and one in Singapore along with the Czech wonder boys in Needful Things. It was a really good turnout I’d say, super cool shows with awesome people, the crowds were great, I think they had as much fun as we did…everybody happy! Hisham did a good job organising the tour, extremely stress free tourcation! Ahhh, memories…there is a bunch to choose from. I’d say the shows and the locals who showed up at the gigs, the nicest people who really enjoyed some fast noise and a good party! Unfortunately we missed the durian season…we were really looking forward to eat durian for breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday but in return we found some utterly disgusting whisky!
It was a great fucking tour!!! Hisham and the Needful Things boys are the best!!! Great seeing bands like Tools Of The Trade, Demisor and Unholy Smokers in their hot and horrible climate!!! /Esse
Guys and what about adapting to that climate, how was your  experience with that? I`m asking that because in your native Sweden you got pretty cold weather and in Asia those are  damn tropics…
The weather was sweet! We didn’t have any long drives so we got some time to hang out at the beach now and then and we also got the chance to boil ourselves alive in some springs with boiling water but since we are not kvlt and enjoy living we passed. We just boiled our toes for a second, insanely hot. The venues were of course super hot and steamy as hell so the hands started to cramp really bad at the end of the set so it’s really important to drink a lot of beer in such a heat.
Okay pals what was the most weird local food that you have tasted?)
The cold stew without a doubt. Cold stew with rice, secret recipe we assume, not so great taste. We hit highs and lows, after the shows we we went to some shack to eat at two-three in the morning, everything is was open all the time…sometimes you’d get a delicious nasi goreng and other times you’d get the cold stew.
Rice!!! There was rice everywhere in every dish! No potatoes for 2 weeks man!! /Esse
Just before your trip a tape called “26 fast songs” was released and also asian friends released your split with homies from Needful Things. Finally we got something new, hehe) So what are we going to hear on that tapes? Did you step aside from your crazy style or not?)
Hisham at Grind Planet did the tapes, they turned out super nice. On the split with Needful Things we got 7 new tracks, I really can’t tell if it sound any different from our previous stuff. It’s fast and fun to play and sounds good I think. The “26 fast songs”-tape is a compilation of older stuff, released and unreleased music. / Erik
Also I know that you have recorded a lot of stuff but with releasing that stuff you got some troubles. Do you have any ideas why all turned that way? It’s labels fault… or?
We have recorded a bunch of songs over the years and the records that was supposed to happen has taken forever…, Nerve Altar did a fine job getting the 7″ out, but those other releases are in limbo. I don’t wanna blame the labels, it’s all DIY and no money and shit happens, that’s life. I do wanna blame the big shot labels for releasing their crap on vinyl. Since vinyl. Ever since vinyl became popular with the mainstream labels the pressing plants are too busy cashing in on the big orders from those jerks, totally forgetting who kept them floating during the 90′ and 00′. I guess the diy-labels order of a couple of hundred 7″ gets ass priority from the pressing plants.
Let’s talk a little bit about your homeland. What’s up your underground? How often you got a grind/punk gigs? And how many local freaks goes there?
Well, there is a lot of bands in sweden but not to many venues for small punk bands, i go to shows now and then, when there is some cool bands coming to town but usually we go to Copenhagen for shows, its only 20 minutes by train from Malmo, the beer is good and cheap and the new Ungdomshuset is a good venue with nice people.
If Overviolence was a GLAM band, which pop music song would you cover to have even more fans? Lana Del Rey maybe?)
I am totally not in phase with pop music of today, but id go for either Edelweiss from sound of music or Limahls Never ending story…bad ass tunes.
Lana Del Rey aint bad!!! But yeah are there any superfast glambands around??? /Esse
When I listen your songs I always ask myself this one question… guys you play with so much aggression you burn a lot of energy during rehearsals and live actions… how do you refresh you powers? Do you have special violence diet that keeps you in good shape?
Ha, well, food is as important as the music in overviolence. While touring or playing out of town we constantly screen the trip advisor app for good restaurants, so, yeah, we burn a lot of energy on stage but we always refuel with good food/beer./Erik
Henrik should really answer this question since he’s the nutritionguy. We did buy some magic drink and pills in some old Chinese medicin store tho that i want to find again. Ancient awesome superpower. Probably just a bunch of grated tiger and snake… /Esse
What are your next plans? Should we wait for some full length album from Overviolence?)
I’m not really a fan of the standardfull length format, the 12″, when it comes to fast music, I prefer the 7″. I’d like to call the 7″ a full length record…so, yeah, we will record a bunch of new tunes for a new full length this spring/summer. / Erik
I really hope we record another batch of songs soon and release it on tape in Spain, Malaysia and Indonesia. Full lengths are too long imho.
Do you have your own favorites among extreme bands? What kind of bands influence your work?
Oh, that’s a tough one. Of course all the good old metal bands, Slayer, Sadus and so on, but there is tons of awesome shit coming out of Australia and as long as its Aussie I seem to love it, Internal Rot, Christcrusher, Manhunt and the oldies like Blood Duster, The Kill, Extortion, Rupture, Captain Cleanoff and so on…and of course the Swedish bands like Livet som Insats, Gadget, Regurgitate, Arsedestroyer, Resonance Cascade…and the rad cats in Copenhagen like Piss Vortex, Dead Instrument and UxDxS…ahh, as long as its fast I’ll probably love it. / Erik
Hmm… Rupture, Left In Ruins (sweden), AxCx, Dismembered Fetus, Heresy, Vital Remains, Intense Degree…. Stuff like that…fast stuff basically.. /Esse
I understand that I am bit EARLY with this question, but anyway… Can you give a list of movies which you would watch on x-mas?
I get too scared to watch scary movies, I stick to Never ending story and Sound of music. / Erik
Krampus, Gremlins, Silent Night – Deadly Night / esse bloodshed
And finish! One more time thanks guys for this conversation! Hopefully someday you will come to my native city for a good gig!)
Thanks for having us! Erik Rotinhall / OxVx
Thanks dude!!! Will Do!! / Esse Bloodshed
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