Thanatopsis – Pathologic Embryothanatology (Horns & Hoofs Records)

What a nasty piece of plastic I got! It`s just a great present for all fans of noisy goregrind! Also this band is pretty interesting not only by their noise. There is one interesting fact about them. Thanatopsis is an intercontinental project between Brazil and Sweden! I dont know how those two sick dudes meet each other but that kind of “music” they play, I really like! Okay, many of you will say that the band is dead, because we hadn’t heard anything from them in long time, buy in real moment Thanatopsis are just in the deep freeze. I was very pleased by a fact that their discography was released. 62 songs about different kind of murders, about horrible diseases, corpses and other things decorated with a very nice cover art with newborn Siamese twins. This CD contains demo tape and all splits (simply say there is material from 6 cassettes). Hm let me think it seems to me that this noisy mess must be very pleasant to fans of LDOH, Vomitoma and Lymphatic Phlegm. Pathologic Embryothanatology can be described as a punch in the face with a rotten piece of meat. Putrid and dense sound just extrude the brains, swedish blast bits pleasantly tickles the ears and the sound of nasty brazilian guitars and swampy vocals (a-la LDOH) simply twist your bowels. If anyone wants some really wet and smelly goregrind then I highly recommend this CD for them!

Rating: 8/10 Thanatopsis         Horns & Hoofs Records

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