Cruel Face (06.11.16)

Hi Alex what’s up? I hope everything’s alright. Is it raining in Brazil now?) 

Hi Alex, things are ok but not fine. Fucking political and economical crisis in Brasil also we`re watching, trying to fight against ignorance. The school models are shit so it?s easy to see the growth of shitty ideaas as prejudice and so on. It`s been raining quite often. Season change is like this. Then from dec to feb is rain season.

Well, share the latest news with us please. What new material is Cruel Face planning to release? I heard that there’s going to be a split tape with your homies from Baga.
Yes there`s a split tape with this great band, BAGA, they are cool guys and good friends from rio de janeiro. They have a left over from their full length and we have a nice live recording done by one of KILLBITE guys. Probably will be out in december. Hope so. Also we are organizing a split w/ GURO, a really cool band from londrina (still Brasil ), they play crustie grindcore and they have a killer recording. IF all goes well i think in march will be out.
Recently, you’ve been doing lots of shows, you are even going to go on a small tour. Alex, what do live shows mean to you? What do you feel when you are standing on the stage? 
Playing live is pure energy! Grindcore is a live band playing. I enjoy it so much. I think I`ve been doing it for so long some times but… i can`t stop. Make music or anti-music  is awesome. Usually there`s no stage so… it`s cool. Meeting friends, making new ones, having some beers and so on.
Lots of people know that you are also playing in Rot. What’s new out there? Do you have plans for the new records? 
Yeah! Rot is still alive. We had a huge line up change… it was almost the end but new guys are so into it that we decided to keep on going… we have a concert fixed to january and already have a new song.
I know that you started Cruel Face long time ago but then everything was put on hold and, in 2009, you re-started the band again. What was the reason for comeback? Did you miss your baby?) 
Hahahaha not really. Hahahaha we returned in 2012 in fact. Edu, that played guitar in the begining was doing nothing couse NITROMINDS the band he used to play had split up. We wanted to make fast fast fast riffs and he wanted to come back cruel face. Well. I think it worked out somehow.
Brazilian scene has changed a lot recently. Many new bands have showed up. By the way, do you try and keep up with the new names (bands)? Perhaps you could point out a few bands that you really liked? 
Lots of new bands. Scene has lots of new faces around, lots of bands but still not many people at concerts usually. At least in Sao Paulo area. Some really cool bands that are not so new and some that are fresh in the pit: TEST / SOCIAL CHAOS / DESALMADO / XICO PICADINHO / AGAGLOCK / BRAIN DEAD / OBITTO / DISTANASIA / BAGA / HOMICIDE / SENGAYA / TAPASYA / HELVETIN VIEMARIT / DECLINIO SOCIAL / NUNCA / BASTARD GOD / DISTURBIA CLADIS / DISTORTION / GIALLOS / AJAX FREE / RG NOISE CITY / NUCLEAR FROST and many others.
It’s no secret that with the incredible growth of the internet, digital releases have become highly popular and, sometimes, they even replace the physicals((( How do you feel about all that? Do you remain faithful to physical releases?) Do you collect vynils, tapes and CDs, if so, how big is your collection?) 
I`m old school. Hahahaha also I`m getting old so I`m still into physical releases. Not collector but i like lots of stuff. Lps eps CDs and tapes.
About digital releases, they are cool too. It`s another tool to  make things fly faster all around. It`s a cool way to spread the stuff you are producing. The bad thing is the download only. Around here at least people download a lot and kind of stop buyng material. That`s not nice at all.  Relaesed have been shorter down. Before to release a cd 1000 copies was easy to sell… today 300 is quite impossible. The same goes to vynil. It`s sad but it`s how it is.
And what about a trip to Europe? Are you planing on touring the Europe? 
We want to, maybe 2017. We must plan it good. Around 20/22 days. I want to.
Grindcore is good, of course, but how about everyday life? What do you do when you are not holding a guitar in your hands? 
I`m a driver and have a distro, BUCHO DISCOS. Not fun to be a driver in sao Paulo.
So, this year’s almost over now, it was full of good and not so good releases. So can you name us your top -10 releases of 2016? 
Uh! I don`t know if ican remember all the titles. Let me try.
DISTANASIA entre a balanca e a espada EP
TRIGGER start our revenge LP
RATOS DE PORAO seculo sinistro cd/ LP
LETALL maquina de propaganda  cd
DERANGED INSANE armageddom cantuun cd
ODIO SOCIAL jovens mortos nao fazem e nao contam historias cd
S.F.C. / N.O.I.A. cd
The BIGGS the roll call cd
OTIS TRIO vida facil cd
These are some.
What can you say about the decision of Brazil to be a host country to the 2016 Olympic Games? The government has basically thrown away tons of money instead of using it to improve the living situation in the country… 
An excuse to corruption. An excuse to make small things look big and cost a lot. There were a couple of good things that stays in rio but not worthy.
Lately I’ve noticed that various religious movements are gaining more strength and power these days…more and more people get caught up in these systems and it seems really creepy to me. Is something like that happening in Brazil too? 
Yes. Envagelic churches. We can be saved if you pay. And they are fundamentalists.really danger. Also they are into politics. It`s so fucked up. They have prejudice of everything is not evangelic. It`s sick.
Do you read books? If so, who is your favourite writer? 
I do. Not much but i must couse it`s cool and give ideas for lyrics. The last i read was Kafka, he`s great. I will start Dostoyevsky…
And thats all folks, thanks for your answers, brother. Hope to meet you someday and have a beer or two with you)
HEY. Thanks a lot for spending your time thinking about what to answer about us. And Yes, hope we can meet for some beers and a good chat. Take care!
For more info and contacts: Cruel Face fb   Cruel Face bc

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