Prolefeed / War All The Time

We all know well how Englishmen love to mix different fast styles, so here again we have guys from nice cities called Newcastle and Leeds who have made a decision to show their skills in this deal. Basically, both bands are somehow similar to each other, they only differ in proportion of this or that musical ingridient. For example, Prolefeed use more punk in their songs when the other space is filled with grindcore and fastcore. This mixture is good by itself and good sound quality makes it even more colorful. The guys even managed to put 15 crazy dancing songs on this record (hysterical vocal, sharp guitars, loud bass and powerful drum sessions meet the cost of this release, hehe) and I’m sure you will enjoy it)))
War All The Time differ from their colleagues Prolefeed, the first thing is the sound. It ended up being very raw. Anyway it sounds good but if you ask me, I think such material deserves a better sound. There is more aggression in their songs, they have a little bit more fury… they have more grind to it than the guys from Newcastle have.

And a few words about the artwork, I just couldn’t miss it. Looking through a cover I have an impression that the artist smoked a lot of weed, washing it all up with good old Jim Beam, and then watched Beetlejuice and The Sesame Street… quiet weird and trashy artwork, all these animals are quite funny. 
Rating: 7,5/10        You can order this album at Wooaaargh

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