Warningfog – Fog Warning (Freak Friendly diy)

Here we got a brand new name in grind underground. Warningfog is a reincarnation of Foible Instinct (but now these guys play as a trio). Transforming into new band guys haven’t been wasting any time and recorded a whole album in a short time. It’s interesting that even the drummer wrote songs (because in most cases guitarists do this) In total, in cozy basement of Evergreen, there were recorded16 tracks. We’ll speak about song themes a little bit later, but first I want to pay more attention to the very high quality art which decorates this album. This gloomy fog was painted by very good and kind artist – Оксана Зинковская (looking at her I would never think she can paint such evil:)). 

Those who are familiar with Foible Instinct works will definitely notice how Warningfog differs from its ancestor. The riffs and the rhythms here are a head toller, fatter and are more interesting than they have done before (even blastbeats sound faster and more aggressive). The sound became more satisfying (though I can’t say it’s perfect). In some places the guitar loses itself… but overall everything is quite good. But the quality of sound in grindcore isn’t the main thing, it is the attitude and speed. There is enough of it 🙂 Songs are mostly hard and fast but I want to pay attention to the song called “Fog Warning”. It turned out to be very interesting and experimental…here you can hear a few guitar drones and sludge. It was a goddamn good idea to put it in the middle of the album, kinda sticky pressure relief. Slow and heavy pause ends and then guys shred you with fast grindcore till the end.

Rating: 8/10     Warningfog fb       Warningfog bc 

You can buy this tape HERE!

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