Butcher M.D. (31.10.16)

Heeey man, what’s up?? Is it cold out there? How is your domesticated bear doing???

Hello everyone who is into BUTCHER M.D. and reads this bullshit! It is fucking cold here nearly as the ninth round of hell, so I had to kill my domesticated bear, eat his flesh and make something to wear out of it.

While you are extremely busy at work you still have some time to do music, please tell us what can we expect from BMD?

Actually I have no time to do music, hopefully I will have some time soon to do new stuff. In july I have recorded guitar parts for a Reeking Cross split and hopefully tracks would be ready before christmas. Actually I have some plans to make a new full length or an EP, but I am not in hurry currently. I am waiting for an inspiration to do something really good.

Not too long ago BMD met some line-up changes, Erwin De Groot was kicked from the band and now you handle all vocals. Why it is happened and do you still keep contacts?
Yeah, unfortunatelly for BMD fans I had to make this decision. It can be explained with the fact I needed a vocalist in Russia to do gigs as well besides records. (Can’t tell that is gonna happen) I hope Erwin would understand and I am grateful to him to be a former member of BMD.
How about full BMD compilation? Are you a one-man-band once again? How about a real drummer or they gone extinct in Russland?
My oldest brothers in gore would fill in drum and vocal duties, I already have a vocalist and a drummer, everyone is from Mother Russia, their names are undisclosed…
I can tell this project was always studio, how about live gigs man? I am sure you had an idea to get your asses on the stage.
These very thoughts made me unite with my old buddies, with whom I could do something about the band anytime. I hope we will get some spare time soon and we will start all the rehearsals. But I can’t say when and if it is really going to happen since everyone is busy as fuck and it’s not the best time to talk about future of BUTCHER M.D…
Kirill, as far as I know you are also into other genrels, please tell us what riffs you disgorge out of your humbuckers?
Besides grind and oldschool death metal I am into Black Metal lately, already have some ideas for a full-lenght album, maybe I am gonna do this stuff more sooner than BMD. I also need to say hello to the polish band MGLA which inspired me to review my way of creating music.
Last few years BUTCHER M.D. became more popular, what was the album response? Did you get lots of letters? Lots of bands ask for a split?
I have no idea, I am not interested in response as well as the album itself, I am also fed up with the letters and split offers! After the REEKING CROSS split I am not gonna split anything anymore. That’s gonna be the last one. Later there would be a full album or EP or nothing at all! Traces Of Blood disappointed me, could have been a better album but I have hurried. Anyway, thanks to everyone who listens to it and likes this shit.
Talking about the album… You last work was released on Bizarre Leprous Productions, and now he is about to release a compilation. Are you happy with this label and going to co-operate with Roman?
Roman is a fucking nice guy! He is always there to release merchandise and CD’s! Also thanks to Mikhail from Cadaveric Dissolution Records, who does cassette releases of BMD. If I do something new, I would co-operate with both!
We are surrounded by various people and more often by the unpleasant ones. Here you have an opportunity to talk shit on every fag made you something bad, what would you state/tell them?
Make me something bad is nearly impossible, but I have got a huge list of people who gives goregrind a bad reputation with their “creations” and acting. I find goregrind a fully serious and extreme genre of music and I get upset when some faggots associate this genre with shit. Talking of shit, 70% of goregrind bands is unlistenable
shit. I am not going to point on something but if these people would have been serious about what are they doings I would have been more calm and satisfied. Especially the russian scene, where there are single-digit number of bands which earn respect. Maybe even the single-digit number is zero…
If you could attend an old DEAD INFECTION gig, or old MALIGNANT TUMOUR, SQUASH BOWELS, REGURGITATE, what band you would choose and why? You have only one move.
I respect equally every aforementioned band, but it’s gonna be Regurgitate, they inspire me too much, eternal respect!!!
Worst goregrind band you have ever listened to? Please state your choice btw.
LOTS. Starting from Cannibe, for example…. Cystoblastosis from Russia (As far as I know members of this band are good persons) I would like to advice them to re-view their way of writing and composing tunes. They have to learn and practice in my honest of honests opinion.
Besides the gore music, what about grindcore?? What are you listening to? What bands are top ones for you?
Have to listen to grindcore for ages, have nothing to listen of this genre anymore. …old ND, also Realized from Japan…
Thank for your answers! Last words for our readers?
Never put boundaries to yourself in anything you do, you always have a room for practicing and development, play music good and listen to a good music, fuck the commerce!!! Hellos to everyone into BUTCHER M.D. and everyone who supported me in every way!!! Cheers!
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