Life of Refusal ‎– Survival In Negative (Grindpromotion)

Survival In Negative is a very fresh release by californian pals from Life of Refusal. Those 10 minutes of sound have a powerful hardcore kernel which is overgrown with various extreme noises like grindcore and powerviolence. I am 100% sure that this release will find a lot of fans around the world… But no matter how many times I’ve listened to this, Life of Refusal music could not get me completely… In general it`s not bad material it`s powerful and fast, there are some boring parts sometimes (but it`s totally ok becouse it`s very hard to create 100% juicy and powerful stuff). But I really dont like that sound… as for my taste it`s need a little pinch of roting “rawness”. Definitely a positive thing here is the lack of any intros, all strarts with power and evil it reminds me a gun shot (simle “boom” without any warning). Also I would like to note some gloomy design and front photo, all those create pretty dark aura. I guess that designer use pictures from the first world war (or from Civil War) and they are impressive. Oh yes, almost forgot! This release was pressed on smoky transparent vinyl and in couple with all decorations it looks very nice.

Rating: 7/10 Life of Refusal You can order this vinyl here!

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