Acid Feast (22.10.16)

Hi Jim, how are you my friend? How was your tour with Exogorth?

Doing good man working hard at the grind with some new projects, some old. Exogorth tour was a great time as usual! So good to travel the coast as often as possible. Love the tight grind circuit. Thank you for asking, great to talk with you again man!

Why exactly gore? I mean why this love for human remains and noisy raw sound, why not a passion for Justin Bieber or Hello Kitty for example?)

Well with my other project Acid Feast we are all about the gore. We prefer to keep shit as heinous as possible from song ideas to song structure, but also keep it grindcore and not too far deathmetal or anything like that. Grind needs a shift back to the old school instead of being overtly on the comical side.

Okay, tell us what kind of new stuff will be out? What we need to wait from Acid Feast?)

Acid Feast will have a split 7” w/ OF CORPSE (Seattle grinding death) coming out soon, and we are almost done writing for our split w/ HAGGUS (Oakland mincecore). Exogorth will try to work on new splits and song ideas whenever there is time. I am currently still working on lineup changes despite Exogorth being my solo project. Last, I have a 20 track demo in the works for a new project called DISEASE. It is my and Kris from local bandThe Vatican

In the beginning of our talk I already mentioned about Exogorth but (as I know) you also playing in Slugged, so tell us a little bit about both bands please.

Slugged (R.I.P) was a great band because me and our drummer Nick created a powerviolence style centered around the warsore blast beat and other elements of grind. It really evolved and had some great songs, but unfortunately our band problems were too tough to overcome. We ended the band with a good final tour and if things go as planned we will still have a full length 10 track EP coming out at some point. All the best writing is on that one so we’re hoping to not give up on it despite our creative differences.

What can you tell about underground scene in your state? Which bands you can recommend to us? Do you often made home gigs?

There is little to no scene these days as far as grindcore is concerned. If there’s any big grind shows that happen downtown they add local doom bands or something unrelated. It makes sense I suppose, gotta keep your bar in business, right? the best bands right now for Sea grind/pv/noisecore are Of Corpse and Big Idiot (olympia), and The End Of Life (Sea/Pdx). Lots of new stuff in the works these days though so hopefully 2017 will be full of new bands and more shows.

Do you plan to make a trip outside the country? Maybe somebody asked you for tour in Europe or in Asia?

I have actually tried to bring Exogorth out to SE Asia in the past but met a ton of obstacles. I hope to still do this someday with either Exogorth or Acid Feast, or maybe both. We do want to travel but just have to find the time and skrillas, etc.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Acid Feast release their stuff only on tapes its principal position or it just happened per se (because the tape is the cheapest way to release something)?
We have only released tapes because we have been an up and coming band for a couple years now. We will try for vinyl by the end of this year and start of 2017 now that there is some interest in the band. The next 2-3 projects will most likely be vinyl.
Okay let’s turn a little bit into movie side. Give us your top 5 of the most bloody and gory horror films that you like)
Well it’d be hard to pick an order, and I like my gore with a mix of sci fi too so this list will reflect that: Return Of The Living Dead, Cannibal Ferox, Massacre In Dinosaur Valley, Bad Taste, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Hmmm and what’s behind the Acid Feast name? It has something to do with different psycho maniacs who dissolved their victims in acid?)
It is actually a tribute to the band Aspirin Feast because we started out with a different goal at first. We decided to go gore grind right after the demo. Our original ideas were more pv themes and less serious. But Acid Feast to me in this new context refers to a fucked up and gorey bad acid binge.
Jim what inspired you to play this kind of music? At what moment did you realize something like “Fuck that’s it! And it`is will become big part of my life!”?
The exact moment when I realized I wanted to play grind was when ThrashMouth Records invited Exogorth to join a 100 band comp back in 2008/2009. The comp. is called “Grind Yer Head In” and featured some really amazing bands and also some up and coming bands from lo-fi to pro sound. I was thrilled to get an invite and couldn’t believe someone actually liked our noisy grind. I also didn’t know how many bands existed and how few people were contributing to a tremendous output of grindcore. I never did as much with Seattle HC or Metal as I have with grindcore, all because one person reached out and got me involved right away. I realized this kind of music is all about getting out there and making everything happen for yourself and your city, unlike waiting around for someone to notice you or claiming you’re a rockstart right from the start like in the current metal scene
And I could not notice that you make splits with only american bands, how did it happen? I clearly understand that they all your friends but whats about band from other parts of our planet?
I don’t know how that happened really, maybe because of shipping costs? haha, no I have done an Exogorth split w/ Bangsat (Indonesia), and Slugged split w/ PowerTrip (Canada) but other than that you are right. I guess we usually do splits with people we meet, and don’t meet as many international bands that often. But I would like to get some international splits going soon and I am trying to get back to writing more Exogorth. I have done more splits in Exogorth than any other band. Acid Feast will soon be doing a few international splits in the future though..
What do you think if Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in that case if somebody forgot) and Hillary Clinton came to a vote in the final for the presidency, then who would be more people voted and for whom will you be voting personally?)
Leatherface would certainly beat out Hillary because he’s a better version of Trump. He’s got a consistent stance on day to day issues and activities, he’s got far more experience scaring people out of border states, I assume he pays taxes since he’s indiscreetly living by a city-funded cemetery, and he has better skin than Trump and an overall better looking family. I’d say this is more than enough for the swing voters out there
Well, I ran out of questions, thank you for this little conversation!)
Thank you too man, it is always great talking to you and I really appreciate your support!!

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