NNW is a UK based DIY oldchool grindcore/noisecore/crust/death etc label that starts 2013. Focused mainly on tape and merch.

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So far released:

NNW 001 G.O.D. (can) – Neurofibromatosis demo tape re-released
NNW 002 Sete Star Sept (jap) – Live Atrocity tape + dvd
NNW 003 Internal Rot (au) – Reh & live tape + bonus s/t ep tape
NNW 004 Bodyhammer (prt) – demo tape
NNW 005 Fiend (us) – Derailed ep tape
NNW 006 Chappa’ai (hu) & Melanocetus Murrayi (gr) – split tape
NNW 007 Sedem Minut Strachu (slo) – Promo 2015 (free copies available at Obscene Extreme only) tape
NNW 008 Bodybag (sp) – Predominance to Insanity – tape
NNW 009 Blood (ger) – Impulse to Destroy live (live at Obscene Extreme 2015) tape
NNW 010 Sedem Minut Strachu & Erectile Dementia – tour promo tape 2016
NNW 011 Sedem Minut Strachu & Erectile Dementia – split 7″ ep

Agathocles (bel) – Fascination of Mutilation shirt – 50 copies
CSMD (nl) – logo shirt – 50 copies


IRF (jap) – Discography tape
Napalm Death is Dead (jp) – live tape
Tumor (ger) – Demo, live compilation + studio tape
Gore Beyond Necropsy (jp) – live tape
Egrogsid (au) – Discography tape

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