Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters (Vulgar Records)

Today I want to shed some light on a little-known split from Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters. Both bands are worthy, but that’s pitiful that only few people know them. That’s why I’ve decided to eliminate this problem. Each of these beautiful pictures on the cover describes its band, some is social theme and some is about eating baby embrions. And behind all this polygraphy there is a beautiful, transparent like a glass, vinyl. Everybody knows hardcore/crust/punk scene in USA, but not so many people know that in there is very solid scene Germany too. Borstels Rache are the hillarious representatives. Their fast crust punk is played in best traditions of the genre. And who cares there’s no piece of originality here, their songs catch the listener very hard! And what a great mixture of tractor-sound bass and d-beat, it’s a great pleasure to listen to it. Energy from these songs will warm you up better than any coffee. Fetus Eaters is very strange and wild formation from the Carolina state (which is situated in USA, if you’ve forgotten). Guys mix everything that is possible in their music. Here you have the filthy grind guitar sound, and some blastbeats. It has slow junkie parts, joke moments, also it has metallic riffs too. The vocalists plays the ape as much as it is possible, ahaha. In short it is some stinky mass that is even hard to define, ha-ha!)
Rating: 8/10 Vulgar rec!

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