Savage / MPG (Grindpromotion)

America strikes again! This release is strongly recommended for fans of good powerviolence and grindcore with more punk-oriented sound. I can’t say that this split is somewhat invented some new things in the genre, but I’m sure it helps to build this huge wall of underground extreme music scene. It starts with two songs of band called Savage from Washington. Each song “Horrified” and “Point Blank” I liked first and foremost because of a great vocals (reminded me of Spazz), and you also will be rocked hard by groovy guitar riffs… Guys from Savage decided to put everything on groovy mid-tempo stuff rather than fast material, and it has its own charm. And of course, gorilla on the cover, I personally found that really funny.

And then here comes the MPG from sunny California. Their grindcore has this pleasant bit of raw and dirty sound (and I personally like this kind of sound). When every instrument in their hands start to put up some noise simultaneously, it turns into a goddamn tornado that will blow you away 🙂 Also I should note some really smart inclusions of powerviolence-influenced stuff in their songs. Especially on “Without A Trace”, the bass here is almost like a screwdriver in the eardrums, hehe)

Rating: 8/10    Savage    MPG    Get your own copy here!

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