Craniophagus Parasiticus Records!

Craniophagus Parasiticus Records started in Toronto, Ontario, in October 2015. The label focuses on making cassette releases for gorenoise, noisecore, goregrind, and power-electronics projects from all over the world. Every release is DIY and I aim to keep it that way. NOT SAFE FOR COWARDS. 

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CPR001 – Neurocysticercosis / Neuroblastoma
CPR002 – Fabio, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fecaluria”
CPR003 – Horse Meat, “274 Track Demo”
CPR004 – Methlab Explosion, “Odium”
CPR005 – Insectiovre / Neuroblastoma
CPR006 – Shaolin Spade, “97 Fists Of The Noisegore Technique”
CPR007 – Oozing Pus / Sarcoptes
CPR008 – Black Bile, “Demo 2015”
CPR009 – Saponified Fats / Sarcoptes
CPR010 – Hypnic Jerk, “Assault Rifles In The Mall”
CPR011 – Brainerd Diarrhea, “Gross Nationalist Products”
CPR012 – Existench / Brainerd Diarrhea
CPR013 – Cephalophore / Insane Human Mind
CPR014 – Cephalophore / Parazitosis
CPR015 – The Maricopa County Department Of Waste Management, “Trickling Filters, Bio-Towers and Rotating Biological Contacts”
CPR016 – 16-武装翼の女神, “Ripped Apart Then Reconstructed: Forever + Demo Discs 1 & 2”
CRP017 – Cephalophore / Festering Recto Gangrenous Slime
CPR018 – Farting Corpse, “21 Song Demo, Recorded At Fraser’s Corpse Compound”
CPR019 – Philanthrofaeces, “Phlegm”
CPR020 – Cephalophore / Cystoblastosis / Meatal Ulcer / Chaotic Sound
CPR021 – Vomitoma / Sarcoptes
CPR022 – 16-武装翼の女神 / Oozing Pus
CPR023 – Hypnic Jerk, “4/16/15” (Re-Release)
CPR024 – Fermentative, “Putrescent Remains”
CPR025 – Parazitosis / Cystoblastosis / Black Bile
CPR026 – Plasmocytoma, “Scarce Sanguinary Cystoma, Threatening The Bone Marrow OfThe Elderly”
CPR027 – Parodontosis, “Striking The Stench Of Rotting Mouth”
CPR028 – Cephalophore / Scab Addict
CPR029 – Hypnic Jerk / Shaolin Spade
CPR030 – Farting Corpse, “97 Track Full Length”
CPR031 – Fetal Deformity / Metastasis / Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma
CPR032 – Septic Assault / MDFL
CPR033 – Living Wall, “Demo”
CPR034 – Mankind’s Devastation, “First Two Demos”
CPR035 – Cum Sock / Oniku

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