Cephalophore / Cystoblastosis / Meatal Ulcer / Chaotic Sound(Craniophagus Parasiticus Records)

To gorenoise or not to gorenoise – that is the question πŸ™‚ Mailman brought me a pretty nice tape. And it consists of 4 dirty gorenoise bands from 4 different corners of the planet. Iβ€˜ve been examining the cover and could not understand what scene was depicted on it, but then it hit me! It`s final battle scene from Dune movie, when Paul Atreides (aka Muad’Dib) kills heir of Harkonnen throne to revenge for the death of his father (yep I’m just a big fan of old si-fi movies, haha). But let’s get back to our rotten corpses. This split is opened by Canadian band which is called Cephalophore. They made their mark with one and a half minute track here haha! It`s pretty primitive (as it should be according to the genre) gorenoise mess with dense riffs and electronic drums (which insistently buzzes in the ears).Then goes the gangrenous Russian trio Cystoblastosis. I don’t like them much, mostly because they add too much rawness and noise into their sound. But, on this record, guys have finally caught a good balance, the perception of the tracks is simple and the dirty sound doesn’t hurt your ear. And also I must admit that they stopped worshiping Agathocles and came to gore side. Next is Meatal Ulcer band. They really stand out among other gorenoise bands. But on this records, everything sounds somehow stale…the vocals still sound the same but the sound is different. Everything sounds kind of dry, without volume, no bulldozer power as it used to be. ((( Brazilian Chaotic Sound didn’t impress me at all… I`m not a fan of those super short noisecore tracks, yep, they added the distortion vocal here but what’s the point? In general, for the fans of 3-6-second tracks, this band is gonna be a good way to clear your mind. But alas, I’ll pass…
Rating: 7/10 Craniophagus Parasiticus Records

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