Nuclear Cult ‎– Internal Aggressor (Rødel Records)

Maybe someone will consider this cover boring and not interesting and will pass by this release, but it would be huge mistake. Nuclear Cult are (in their own way) the cult representatives of the german powerviolence/hardcore scene. Guys from Y and SM70 play in this band (I hope that this fact will make you want to get acquainted with the music of NC)! As I know this release (like many others) had some problems with postponed release date. And this vinyl was born only thanks to the efforts of two german labels Rødel Records ‎& Pain Of Mind, not sure about the amount of released samples, I got the colorful option (I guess it`s a limited one). It`s not the longest records (it’s only about 7 minutes) but it`s very aggressive (that reminded me of the small but very hellish animals that live on Tasmania island, hehe). All starts with good dark and evil intro which (you probably understand already) develops into fast and destroying rhythms. Although these german gentlemen are not so young, they can kick ass of many young pw bands (and I`m not kidding). Live clot of dirty aggression, here is how you can describe these 10 songs. Fast, aggressive and short attacks, shorts moments for rest and then fast attack again! As it should be, those songs are short (but they are full of sincere anger and evil). So my friends, never judge releases by cover;)
Rating: 8/10 Nuclear Cult You can order this EP here!

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