Compost – Vegetable Goregrind (Discography 2008-2013) (Eyes of the Dead)

Vegetable Goregrind is the summary of all work done by the italian grindheads from Compost. I love such things because you don’t need to search all discography release by release, to dig bunches of distros or to search zipped sound around the Internet. The very interesting part in this discography is that the main thing here is an unreleased album, and the others appear as a bonus. The order of releases here is somehow strange too, the disk begins with the last work and finishes with the demo, such a trip into degradation, hehe) The artist had tried to keep with the main theme of the album and he has done his job good. These vegeterian monsters are so strange. I could definitely say that no one have never done such thing. (or I just haven’t ever seen it). But I have to notice that banana isn’t a vegetable, the artist made a few mistakes, hehe)) In the booklet they listed the music which had influenced them heavily. Here is everything, from gore monsters Regurgitate and Dead Infection to insane Anal Cunt. I should say that everything they have listed I hear in their music too. I like the album “Vegetable Goregrind” for its sound and sick material. I can hear the mixture of different grind styles. And maybe the main specification and the most attractable thing on these 21 tracks is the specific sound of the snare drum, love this shit so much))) Every next release is getting more interesting in its own special way. The material from the split with canadian Archagathus is not any worse than an album, the same gory fun there. But the songs on the split with Insomnia Isterica differ very much from the other stuff. The sound here is dirty and noisy, but I love it. It’s primitive, funy and raw. Next, the material on the split with my countrymen Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium differs with its noisyness, here you can strongly feel the influence of Anal Cunt and Agathocles))) And next, going deeper, split with UMC did not catch me at all, though the cover on Ulcerous Phlegm was not bad. And finally, the first record of these guys, the 2008 demo. Raw, dirty, fucked up sound. But it’s important to mention this is the first experience and first songs.
Rating: 8/10 Compost Buy this CD here!

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