Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare (No Bread rec)

Sometimes even re-issues can be cool…all that concentrated anger which was packed on vinyl recording was transported with care by the help of russian magnetic devices and it was recorded on tape. Artwork on this release is very good, it’s a funny joke on the old good Iron Maiden. Now Eddie is baptized by grindcore)))) And now it’s time to talk about the “music” itself….
The first are candian beer-guzzlers – Mesrine. I won’t say it’s the best material of these guys but it is as absolutely simple as always, without any special tricks, straight like an axe hit. And this thing catchs me. Simple playful rhythms and vocalist’s loud roar, though the guitar sound is quite weak, but that does not matter. What about the song “Deadly Sinner” – it is filled with the great spirit of punk.
Italian flying pasta monster attacks next, and it shoots 10 rotten rissoles right into your head. These guys always kept punk music as the foundation and then have been adding there everything they wanted. I can’t say that I loved all songs… but absolutely unserious apprach to the business makes me smiling. Here you got scream, growls and also children voices, different samples from the films. Also there is a lot of heavy metal riffs. In short how I said earlier guys are taking it easy and make the fun from all the process. Rating – Mesrine: 7,5 Sposa In Alto Mare: 7.0

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