Hyperemesis / Girth / Horrendous Miscreation (Grindfather Productions)

Be careful! This tape can damage your ears and brain! Oh… this is one of those cassettes which I honestly can call a real anti music. It`s a european version of this split and it looks very cool. That severed head in the reservoir, internal design and also combination of yellow and black colors all these looks perfect! I can say truely that Jacek made his best. But internal noise it really something. As I know this noise was recorded on tape desk with microphone and not through sound mixer, so everything sounds properly Sometimes it’s really hard to understand who is playing it is possible to figure out only from speed (it’s because this record is so noisy). And of course parts from other live recording slightly stand out (like Horrendous Miscreation part on A side for example). There is no sense to consider this release seriously because it was recorded and released just for fun and this objective is more than achieved. I love that noise from crowd and sound of beer bottles beetween tracks it`s perfectly conveys a lively atmosphere from these gigs. Somethimes you can even hear some riffs and guitar sound and it reminds me “guess the melody” game, hahaha!) And about ears and brain I was not joking, if you make sound a little bit louder you’re done… you are disabled for rest of your life….

Hyperemesis Girth Horrendous Miscreation

Buy this tape at Grindfather prod!

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