Chronic Waste – Procreation of the Wasted

It`s really great that there is more and more interesting extreme noise bands appear on the territory of the former Soviet Union. One such young band is the topic of this story. Chronic Waste is based in cultural capital od Russia in St. Petersburg city. It is formed by the blockheads from bands like Sram and Camphora Monobromata (pretty well known guys, ha?)). The face of their debut work Procreation of the Wasted was decorated by wonderful artist Jon (he made almost all arts for Internal Damage and also our previous banner was made by him too) When 6 songs were composed, guys took long time with recording, they tried to get maximum of possible sound. And I have to admit they got it pretty good. Raw, evil and a little bit metallic, this sound chaos is a good gift for fans of old school grind. Listening to this tape again and again I catch myself thinking that guys are very fond of art of the good old Repulsion and many other old bands. I just hear quite a bit of similarity in guitar riffs and in the atmosphere generally. In conclusion, I can only say that Procreation of the Wasted is a good solid debut for Chronic Waste, guys definitely did a good job.
Rating: 8/10 Chronic Waste You can buy this tape here!

Labels which release this split: Grindfather Productions, No Bread!, Acid Redux Productions 

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