Intestinal Rot – Re-Inventing Mankind

Quiet wind, eternal trees, majestic rivers flow in absolute calmness. We all heard all that shit about Canada in shool, right? Our teachers carefully concealed what was hidden behind this beautiful picture. In fact, a dozen of really sick bands are hidden there. I’ve heard a lot of teams, that were trying to combine the brutal death with goregrind, but I didn’t like almost all of them. I cannot say that I was impressed by Intestinal Rot for all 100%, but these Canadian guys know how to play good shit. For me, the best part of the Re-Inventing Mankind was the cover of this release. This art is more brutal than even the music on this vinyl itself, hahaha!
I have listened to the first song’s intro for a long time, trying to understand where it came from. It turned out that this is an excerpt from an old movie about Frankenstein. It’s nice that the guys used element of old stuff in their songs. The hardest thing that hits your ears is a heavy and sonorous sound of the bass guitar. There also use distorted gore-like vocals (but not too brutal!). It seems that these guitar sounds can cut through all flesh… By the way, there seems to be some guitar accents that are classic for brutal death. But the drums are not so clear, there is no ultra high emphasis on cymbals or snare drum. These 4 songs have a groove-like dance pieces, that nicely rock the listener, but there are boring brutal parts as well, that I did not like at all… Rating: 7/10 Intestinal Rot

You can order this records thru: Uterus Productions or thru Crit De Fastic Records

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