Nasty Face / Pancreatic Purulence (Choothar Tapes)

Okay boys and girls it`s time to talk a little bit about gore business. This split has to get attention of fans of rotten tits and nasty sound. Package of this tape has a picture of pretty young man with very beautiful face, ahahaah!) And now something about the bands. Nasty Face is a side project of Elliot (which is more known as a drummer from The Afternoon Gentlemen) and this band is located in Switzerland (probably that guy has the second home here :)). If you’re in love with old goregrind with light grave smell so you are in right place! Here you won’t find ultra fast rhythms or hellish vocals or satanic drums beats. But there is a measured groove and pleasant guitar sound… and I guess that generally it sounds pretty tasty as for goregrind. Besides distorted vocal guys also use “clean” one (and believe me, it mixes in the whole picture very good). After listening to the Swiss side, you can make conclusions that these guys were inspired by the work of Dead Infection, Carcass, Haemorrhage (and other old bands). Pancreatic Purulence is pretty fresh band from country where unicorns fly, where elves roam on the streets and where there’s no place for aggression (you already understand that I’m hinting you on the Netherlands). I already wrote about these guys, then I think I wrote about their demo. But this new material is a little bit different. Yep here still the same ugly sound pressure, evil and poison, scary vocals and etc… but here we got only raw record, not mastered and it sounds nasty (however you can admit that this sound have some of buldozering sound effect). Guys recomended to drink few drinks and only then listen this noise it will help you to get into right effect, hahaha!) I think that after a few portions of whisky the sound will take clearer form))
Оценка: Nasty Face – 8/10 Pancreatic Purulence – 7.5/10

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