Haggus – 4 Sonx Demo (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

Today I want to turn your look to sunny California. It`s time to recommend to you (of course only for those who don’t know this band yet) sloppy chops in masks – Haggus! These trio from Oakland love the animals but really hate humans and thats way they use in all their covers pictures with different (cute and not too cute) dead human bodies))
And we will start this familiarization from their first work from “4 Sonx Demo”. It`s pretty short tape (only about 4 minutes) in which all the guys showed what they are capable of. As it often happens, precisely on demos bands show their the best material and (in my opinion) this records is one of the best which Haggus have. Literally from the first riffs you plunge into the atmosphere of full disgrace and total fuckup:) Cheerful middle-tempo rhythms will make you dance. Distorted vocals added their own note of stench in this thick. Those guys are a big fans of mincecore (I guess everybody of them has an Agathocles shirt in thir cupboard, hehehe) it pretty felts in their songs. And also it is very noticeable trace of the good old punk and it`s make this primitive noise lively as a grig and cockahoop.
Rating: 8/10 Haggus Buy this tape here!

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