Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha ‎– Tales From The Endoplasmic Ridiculum (Eyes Of The Dead Productions)

It’s no secret that music has a huge psychological impact on living organisms. And writing a review (or just listening to some release for the first time) we also spin it in our hands, assessing the design skills of the artist, etc. But over the years I realized that there is some perception differences based on type of release. For example, TxNxFx was released on cassette, which for me is definitely a plus. I am more than sure that if this thing was done on some digipack, I would have sent the disk into the trash bin. But these simple 10 songs sound nice on a tape. Tumor Necrosis Factor – alpha is a one man band. While searching online, I found that it was created, literally, in the laboratory. I think that Jay (this is how this character is called) was a huge fan of examining all sorts of different stuff under a microscope back in school. After all, everything from the song titles and to cover art is filled with this subject. But from a musical point of view, Tales From The Endoplasmic Ridiculum is fairly straightforward death-grind. Although it should be noted that there is a strong flavor of goregrind as well. This one man band reminded me what Carcass and Haemorrhage were playing in ancient times. Damp sound, few solos, simple rhythms. Everything could be listened to without any disgust, I would say that is quite nice. I can not say that these songs are catchy, but they are definitely not shit. A nice bonus for me was the fact that all the instruments were recorded live. Rating: 6.5 / 10

Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha You can order this tape here

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