Deterioration – Mementos of a Sadist (Grindfather Productions)

American grind squad Deterioration is one of the most exciting young active underground bands in my opinion in the time period of about 5 years … And finally I am ready to make a review for them. Tape Mementos of a Sadist includes various work from 2009-2015 period. Design of this cassette is thoroughly imbued with marijuana fumes – all those collages with different photos and pictures from releases… all that is pretty silly but very funny). But what surprised me the most it was cassette itself… That golden thing is very beautiful!
Here you can find as many as 57 songs from different releases: tapes, vinyls and even from floppy disks (that is quite a pervert stuff, hahaha). Grindcore of those guys is raw, aggressive and also noisy… it sounds like someone has thrown mud right into your face, well that is not sound, that is real mud, a swamp that sucks you in. Each record is a bit different from the previous one by the sound but basically this all sounds as Deterioration. All material is played powerfully and energetically and it is a good feature of this dirty band 😉
Rating: 8,5/10 Deterioration bc Deterioration fb

You can buy this tape here!

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