Despise You – All Your Majestic Bullshit (No Bread rec)

I did not hear anything from Despise You for quite some time, before, finally, in 2015 they delivered their new work that called All Your Majestic Bullshit. Was it a success? The label (wich released vinyl version) got rid of all copies less than a month! I got the cassette edition of this wonderful release. My feelings about this are rather ambiguous. On one hand, it’s their new material and its really strong, but… there is only 3 songs and as soon as I started feeling like getting my ass kicked in a circle pit, the record ends… causing great dissatisfaction).
As expected the sound is very badass here and material is hard as a rock. A good mix of hardcore and powerviolence will keep your blood boiling. Everything is on the highest level starting with crunchy bass and ending with nice cutting back vocals. Genuine aggression coming from speakers can wind you up just as a mechanical tin soldier!
Rating: 8,5/10 Despise You You can order this tape here!

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