Assück ‎– Misery Index (R.A.P.S Records)

Okay folks… I think that I can call this album a great and beautiful final. Misery Index became a final song for Assück. With a huge contribution in development and formation of the genre those guys deserve a bright and warm place in Hall of Grindcore Fame. It`s very good that people don’t forget classic stuff even now and that this album was recently re-released on tape. And I must admit that is a serious release, because boss of R.A.P.S Records made his best and the cassette looks very awesome (design reminds me of old tapes from 90th, and that makes me feel very good) Writing a big poem about this album is not necessary, we all listened to this record dozens or even hundreds of times. This nuclear mix of grindcore with death metal stench leaves a huge mark right in your brain. The sound of dirty and aggressive guitars makes your heart beat ten times faster. And great job of drummer and vocalist make nice and complete picture. Personally for me Misery Index rank in the top 25 of the best grindcore albums of all times.
Rating: 9/10 RAPS Records

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