Mesrine / G.O.D.

This split made very long way from the idea to physical incarnation. Labels spent a lot of time releasing this vinyl (I guess that the reason was financial issues, as always)… deadline was changing a lot and I was waiting for this split for more than a year! And finally in the end of the year 2015 I managed to check it out. When I heard about this split for the first time I wasn’t even surprised because guys from both bands live in the same country and are friends and they have many shows where they play together. So the coming of this was just the question of time. 😉 This vine-like red vinyl is opened by Mesrine. For their side they recorded 3 new songs back in 2014. There’s no sense to write that this band is a living legend – everyone knows them. On this split you have a chance to hear gorgeous middle tempo old school grindcore. The sound is very powerful and solid, sometimes you even feel like it is pressing you with its weight. The picture of the songs isn’t very various, it is concentrated on straight killing power. And I should say that Mesrine have reached their goal. That’s no matter that there are only 3 songs but they kick your fucking ass hard! GOD, on the other hand, found some unreleased material from the year 2012. I would confess that I love their old material even more than new stuff. Back in those dayse, before they completely destroyed borders between grindcore and goregrind, their music was mostly goregrind. Oh, I love thos 4 tracks so much! Raw and insane. Vomiting vocals mixed with usual harshness. In addition the forth song is Impetigo cover. Cannibal Apocalypse played by GOD destroys everything! Rating: Mesrine: 8/10 G.O.D.:9/10

You can buy this split here!

Labels which released this split: EveryDayHate, Acid Redux Productions, Addiction To War, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Grindfather Productions, Nihilistic Despair Records, Schizosound Records, Crit De Fastic Records, Canchis-Canchis Records

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