Bruce X Campbell (26.06.16)

Hi, Jon! Is it sunny today in L.A.?)

Hello sir, it is quite sunny out.

Your band is pretty well known in USA, but I guess you’re not that popular in Europe. Tell us about Bruce X Campbell more, you know, how you started and that kind of stuff.

Throughout the years I’ve actually came across people from Europe and around the world who are familiar with BxC, we started as a 2 piece and evolved over the years into a steady 4 piece crust grind band.

Your releases are pretty rare guests, but as I already know, you’re preparing something new. What exactly would it be? 

Yeah, very rare indeed, not because it takes us a while to make up songs but because the financial costs have always been a problem. We have almost 50 songs right now, with those 50 we plan to release some splits with dorm great bands and also some LPs.

Looks like you guys don’t waste your time and already planning European tour. What do you expect from this trip? Have you ever been there before?

Haha we’ve actually been around since 2006 so it’s taken us this long to blast Europe but we are extremely and humbly excited. Well from this trip we hope to destroy Europeans ears with some good ol LA crust grind, hope to meet some great people and play with great bands! We will be traveling with our LA friends in recalcitrant! Oh yeah also play for some goats and donkeys. Diffidently have to do that!

Bruce Campbell turned 58 the other day, so I would like to know: do you have a song dedicated to him? And why exactly this actor was decided for the band’s name?

We actually celebrated his birthday by playing a show haha. Well we stared this band 2006 me and my friend Chris we’re in high school so that kind of puts a perspective of that question haha.

And another question about Bruce Campbell: what is your favorite movie starring him and why? 

There’s just to many to name but you gotta go with the classic Evil Dead.

Now back to making noise, I know that you also play in a band called Thieves, tell us about it, please.

Ah Thieves ! Yes it’s a project me and my buddy Brian started. We both share the same passion for heavy raw crust, for now it is just a 2 piece, I’m on drums/ vocals and Brian on guitar/vocals. We have plans to evolve into something more greater but for now we just plan to keep it simple.

What is your personal top-10 grindcore bands of all time?

Insect warfare
General surgery
Unholy grave

Jon, you perform grindcore for some time now, what can you say about modern wave of “grindcore”, when people who don’t know crap about it start playing fast metallic hardcore and call it grindcore? What do you think about all this?

Uhhh hmmm…to each their own. I am no elitist, I am no judge. When ever I set up shows in LA I get every type of genre there is in the underground market even if Isn’t my cup of tea.

How often there are DIY gigs in L.A.? Do you personally like to visit these little comfy live shows in the basements?)

LA shows are always crackin, we need more raw crust and grind bands though, It is lackin that, but nonetheless LA always has shows going on. Basement shows I love them I would like to play a lot more but that’s another thing LA is lacking haha.

Sometime later your discography will be released by British label Grindfather prod. What records exactly will be released? 

The discography will have our demo 2006, we are all Kamikaze 2008 and our recent splits from 2014.

By the way, do you have your favorite place in L.A., where you like to hang out with friends?

Favorite place to hangout with friends is basically where ever the friends are is any good place.

And that’s all, folks! Thank you so much for all your answers, Jon! I’ll be waiting for your gig in my country!)

Thank you for this interview and honored to be the 100th interviewee for Good Guys Go Grind! Cheers!

Bruce x Campbell fb    Bruce X Campbell bc


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