Subterror – Antropomortum (Black Hole Productions)

I must admit that the boss of Black Hole Productions was right when he decided to release a fresh album of Subterror. I just discovered this band for myself, but it looks like my stone heart began to melt, hahaha! This album by Antropomortum is really worth listening to. It has perfect balance in cover art (okay theme of this picture is absolutely not new but it is very cool and one can say that this art is beautiful) and also it has a great balance in music part. I don’t know why but in Brazil bands really know how to make great and badass mix between death metal and crust. This country has a big list with awesome bands and of course Subterror belongs to them. This guys skillfully combine old school death metal and crust of old english school (you all know those band so I have no need to name them) That death metal guitar sound mix with mad crust motives… also that d-beat and roaring vocals. All those will fly like huge fist into your body and rip off your guts! This CD contain only 9 tracks with total length about 25 minutes. And thanks to that, this release is not too long and absolutely not boring – it takes as much time as you need to fully enjoy it.
Rating: 8/10 Subterror fb Black Hole prods

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