Skunk/Existench split 7"

Hm I think it’s already third purely Canadian split that I review this year. But this only proves that canadian scene is growing and nothing can stop it. On this piece of plastic we can see crusters Skunk and old grinders Existench (this is their first record after reunion). Externals of this split look very pretty. Good and sharp social theme (yep today it wouldn’t surprise anyone but the artist did a very good job) All this biological remains, worms, chemical factory on background all this stuff designed in best traditions. Skunk are first one, they begin this split. I think many of you know that Dan Ryckman is playing in this band. This guy is a multi musician he plays on many instruments. And I noticed that in almost all his projects there is a footprint of the main Dan`s band – Archagathus. As for material on this release I really like the sharpness of guitar riffs. Cheerful d-beat picture and mincecore vocals all together make a really good atmosphere and mood. Also there a nice readable sound with droplets of raw rot. It`s just what you need! Let’s turn the page! Hmm pretty interesting, I think it`s the heaviest release of what Existench got so far. Moreover guys just got together to drink and then just was something like “what a hell lets jam!”. And what came of it you can hear on this split. I love this dirty grindcore it is absolutely straightforward and aggressive as hell! Guitar sound is slightly noisy but it doesn’t affect perception of this record. And to enhance it I recomend you to do the same as Existench, take few beers and listen this shit loud!)))
Rating – Skunk:8/10 Existench:7.5/10

Labels which released this split: Blastbeat Worship Tapes, Suburgatory Records, Scull Crasher Records, Rex Manor Records, Outrageous Defecation Records

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