Cystoblastosis/Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Ulcerated Flesh Records)

For this release, you can safely attach the sticker «totally diy gore tape».It was released on the young Korean label Ulcerated Flesh Records, which is specialized in such music. I must admit, I have tried to find at least a little more interesting stuff in this split for myself, but alas, I could not do that … 
The first on this split plays the young gore band from Russia. What I would remember most about Cystoblastosis is that the vocals with burp sounds were made by the girl… As for me, if the sound would have been clearer and mixed better, it would be even more interesting…and there, guitar and vocals are merging into one, noisy piece so nothing at all can be heard. There is only the sound of the drums that can be somehow comprehended. But the guys from T.H.C. couldn’t even reach that level… It sounds even worse and dirtier.Their record simply cannot be analyzed, there is one big noise… penetrated with distorted vocals… 

Rating – Cystoblastosis: 5,5/10    T.H.C.: 3/10    Ulcerated Flesh Records

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