Agathocles / Harsh Supplement (Supplemental Records & Tapes)

Here is a small D.I.Y. cassette that contains a lot of dirt, mold, and noise. It was released by the boys from Harsh Supplement on their own label. I honestly could not understand what the hell it is on the cover art. This abstraction remains a mystery to me)))
There is much talk about the music of AG, but I just simply enjoy each of their releases. Agathocles is one of those bands that does not invent a bicycle again, they just continue doing what they can do best. This split will kick your ass with 12 tracks of good old AG. Raw material with dirty sound but at the same time is completely readable. Mincecore flavored with some punk dirt. Classic Belgian aggressiveness and courage, all right there. By the way this material was recorded at their permanent Studio Geel (Belgium) in 2013. PS: anyone can tell what is the current count of releases by these Belgians?
Harsh Supplement – classic noisecore. I can not say that the guys could really surprise me, but I just can not say it’s crap. Aggressive, chaotic, noisy, in the foreground is screaming and ass kicking drummer, guitar is a bit lost there, but it’s cool, since it makes it even more noisy. It’s nice that everything is played live, not produced on a computer at home.

Rating – Agathocles: 7,5 / 10   Harsh Supplement: 7/10

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