X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Honestly speaking, this split was one of those 2015 releases which I was waiting for. And after I finally listened to it, I realized that waiting was not for nothing! So I will not go into long introduction, I’ll start right on the part of the Spanish… X-Torsion already has one full-length album behind, so now they decided to deliver some fresh stuff on split release. The visual part reminds of (and perhaps it is a follow up to) the first album cover art, everything with the same funny black humor of gore / horror picture. But fresh tracks surprised me, in a good way of course. The sound became a bit more aggressive and fat. It feels that the boys added more grind to this record. It goes fast and cool. Progress is visible and it is very good. Cruel Face – Brazilian veterans. After a long break for fucking 8 years they are back in business. Brazilian visual part is rather bizarre. Huge black widow spider (with a female face) is doing some terrible things to several representatives of Homo Sapiens species)) By the way, one of the founders and the constant participant of this band is Alex from Rot (and this dude is able to cut a good riff). For this split, they recorded 4 fresh tracks… What can I say, that is strong shit. Uncomplicated rhythms easily penetrate the brain and just rip it into pieces. Of course the material is straightforward, but it is a feature of the Brazilian grindcore, for which everyone loves it.
Rating: 8/10  Cruel Face  X-Torsion   Sengaja Records

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