Holy Money – 7" (RSRec / Hate Ape Prod)

Sometimes it happens that I want to listen to something slow but evil. Something that would slowly tear me apart and swallow pieces of my body… Holy Money is exactly what one would need in such cases. I quite accidentally ran into this band, fucking loved it, and then I suddenly found its vynil in the pack with promos for review (thank you Sandro!)
Traditionally we begin with a brief overview. I was looking at the cover of this edition for damn long time. By looking into every detail of this picture you will fall into some kind of hypnotic dream))) Yes, and the whole design is very beautiful and atmospheric. Holy Money comes from Texas, and this band has Alex Hughes (50/50, Hatred Surge, Insect Warfare) on board. Despite the fact that there is almost no swamps in Texas, the music of this ensemble feels to me like stinky green swamp. At least the first thing that pops up in my imagination is a terrible monster in the kingdom of rotting plants, moss-covered trees and perpetual darkness. Oh, this work of Holy Money is a real gift for fans of sludge. This seven-inch is, in fact, a reissue of 2 most powerful tracks from previous tape “Zygote”. Slowness and aggression are boiling in some powerful and terrible chemical reaction here. These two songs just drown in fat heavy riffs… it is like a 100 ton hammer hitting right into the head. But I’ll be a liar if I say that I don’t hear any influence of good old hardcore school. The only disadvantage of this vinyl is its length. Its atmosphere just starts to get deep into your brain and then, suddenly, it ends… that’s disappointing, folks.
Rating: 8.5 / 10 Holy Money You can buy this EP here!

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