Undinism ‎– Untitled (Hotel Broslin)

Hell yeah! You can say whatever you want but this shit is really cool! It`s only the first release of young australian label Hotel Broslin and it is already so tight! I have no idea where and how they found those rare Undinism records, but I am really happy that they are not lost and now everyone can get & listen this stuff. This band gave a good punch for australian underground scene and I really respect and love those guys for that. A very notable photo was chosen for the cover. The man on this photo has a very ugly and horrible pathology and it looks really filthy. Records on both sides is not divided into tracks. Each side has its own rehearsal record (both were made in ’93!) Of course sound here is dirty and noisy, plus it is damaged… but what can you expect from very old tapes that were hidden in someone’s garage for 20 years?) Sound was shaped to listenable state, cleaned up as best as they could and results are pretty nice. This release reminded me of that old tape stuff from 90th splits and demos with horrible sound, but for that time it was great and many freaks loved that. Hm… even now I like that sort of noise. Despite the old record, guys were playing great original stuff with true passion. There is no usual blastbeats or ultraspeed. Guitar riffs have big portion of metal structure and sound… but this is what we call now old school grindcore (like Terroriser or Napalm Death but of course Undinism doesn’t look like them). By the way, the tape was released in limited edition (only 111 hand numbered copies), so hurry up don’t miss this tape)))

Rating: 8/10 Undinism

For oreds write to: hotelbroslinrecords@gmail.com

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