Traffic Death – Terror on the Freeway

I remember the first time I’ve heard T.D. I was listening to this particular EP(I checked out the full album long after that). I remember standing there, tapping my foot to the tempo of the tune while looking at the art on the cover. I liked these weirdos back then, but when they sent me the record, I was stunned. I know I should be as objective as possible, but the actual look of the record is absolutely mind-blowing! I’m a big fan of old school horror movies and the artist totally hit the point here. He managed to bring together different kinds of characters. Here we have Christine, Phantasm…all time classics such as Frankenstein and Werewolf, and many other characters from slasher movies, wow! But wait…there’s more! The vinyl itself is quite something as well. It’s half-transparent covered with a red splashes of paint. Perhaps this is what your windshield would look like if you hit a man with a car, hahaha! T.D. would be great stuff for people suffering from depression. Their cheerful and kind of “I don’t give a fuck” tunes can cheer anybody up. When compared to the full format, guys seem to keep following their own path. Guys are still playing the same old punk-crossover-grind just as they did at the very beginning of their career. I can say that the last track on this short EP will render you speechless for sure. Their “Hit & Run” cover of the legendary Girlschool made my day.  

Rating:8/10       T.D. bandcamp

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