Gonkulator ‎– Reborn Through Evil (Fudgeworthy Records)

Welcome to the category “sometimes they’re coming back.” It took american psychos from Gonkulator long 10 years to spit out this new full-length stinking bunch of noise. Quite interesting feature of the album is the fact that it is divided into 2 parts, each contains 5 tracks. Baron Side begins with epic music from 70s movie (at least it seems to me that I’ve heard it somewhere). And then something really evil begins. Certainly, the info booklet mentions that Gonkulator plays noise-black, but in my opinion there’s a lot more stuff mixed here. To me there is plenty of good old punk as well. Even if there is no fast rhythm, guys do some good brain-drilling noise. Most of all I like the sound of bass, it sounds like some old metal grinding machine. Cemetery Side begins with a fast rhythm, a sort of raw metal and cave punk with loud roaring vocals. Well, I can also hear some slow atmospheric pieces further (not without noise of course). This side contains most of the old primitive raw black as well. And the end is just noise with sounds of thunder, this vinyl makes it sound incredibly beautiful … Oh, there is another very interesting fact about this release. It was recorded on the full moon. And even the color of vinyl reminds me of big white moon in clouds (very beautiful and unusual color). 

Rating: 7.5 / 10    Gonkulator     Buy this noise here!

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