Pulmonary Fibrosis / Spermbloodshit

Here now, I hold in my hands white, as walls in the morgue, vinyl split of two European grind bands – SpermBloodShit & Pulmonary Fibrosis. It is worth to mention the harmony between green and white in the design (and the color of the vinyl), it all looks very decent. French part provided only two tracks, this is not enough of course, but what can you do about it now. The first track “Bronchial Cavities Fill The Acidulous Pus” is very interesting because: A) it has some punk flavor. B) guest vocals done by charming Makiko Suda of Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation. Track is very fast and sounds cool, perfectly audible severe sound of stringed instruments, and, yes, there are distorted vocals there;) But the second track “Retched & Disgorged” is implemented in the usual manner of Pulmonary Fibrosis. Bulldozer sound, hellish vocals, everything that we love these French guys for. And here it goes – Italian fuckers SpermBloodShit. These three songs were recorded quite some time ago – back in 2013. There is some subtle common feature that all Italian bands share, something elusive and very hard to catch and describe. But when you listen to Italian grindcore (not knowing that it comes from Italy), it is almost always the case that you get lamp blinking above your head, labeled “made in Italy” 🙂 Guys start pumping shit with the very first riff. “Dies Irae” is even a bit rock’n’roll and at the same time is very fast. All tracks are very cheerful, I especially liked the vocals and groovy ending track “L’Occhio Della”. There are some voice samples in their tracks, but those are all in Italian, I did not understand shit! 🙂 As for the sound, it is of course a bit lighter and easier than in Pulmonary Fibrosis part, but sounds very good for its genre In conclusion, we have a lovely split, even disregard difference in style and sound. 

Rating: Pulmonary Fibrosis: 8/10    SpermBloodShit: 7.5 / 10       

Labels which released this split: Don Carlos Productions, Eclectic Productions, Anarchotic Records, Crit De Fastic Records, Aima Records, Grindhead Records, Straineyes Productions, Splatter Zombie Records, WOOAAARGH, Grind Block

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