Avian Terror – Demo 2015 (Naked Noise Records)

Today I want to talk about young talents. Do you remember those first demos of Napalm Death? They were such young cute punks at that time. But it’s not the limit… eventually grindcore gets only younger so that even schoolkids start playing it 🙂 Madness, but today I want to talk about Australian duo Avian Terror which consists of 15-year old kids!. As expected, their demo record was released on tape. And the main topics in their songs are very classic as for grindcore. For the cover they picked the photo from World War ||, where German soldiers shot some poor guy. The demo includes 8 tracks. Raw material, but very aggressive. Of course it is far from ideal, but given the age of both members, this demo deserves respect. The guys play with good speed, which is a nice surprise. In conclusion I can say that this band has great potential and I look forward to hear more of their music. 
Rating: 7.5 / 10   Avian Terror     Naked Noise rec

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