Parazitosis /Cephalophore (Craniophagus Parasiticus rec, Grindfather prod)

Oh, this split is full of old and sick pictures of various scenes of people being tortured. Skull trepanation, skin removal… and a lot more. Those who made these images are sick freaks 🙂 Not even mentioning the bands from this record… Hungarians Parazitosis in cooperation with Canadian Cephalophore produced really disgusting split, hehe!) Parazitosis can be called a one man band, as it is run by Marci, the only permanent member who wrote almost all the material. Only 5 minutes of music was recorded for this tiny tape release. 4 tracks in total. But believe me, these songs sound just like the stench of rotting bodies. Guitar riffs are mixed with fast and punchy rhythms. Vocals also sounds fucked up with pitchshifter, but there’s also just harsh black-metal pieces and sometimes even growl. Drum section is not too fast, but it emphasizes coolness of this whole ugly mess. And all the above said is delievered with raw disgusting sound. Cephalophore is the Canadian duo. Their sound is more like gore-noise than usual goregrind. For track intros guys sampled some monologues / dialogues from cartoon about Korgoth the barbarian. Absolutely fucked up cartoon, as the well as what these guys are playing)) Electronic drums is not the killer feature of their sound, although they don’t spoil it at all. The main noise is created by distorted vocals, it is very overdriven here. Most of all I liked this guitar riffs and sound of guitar is quite good in general (for such a rotten music). And in the very end guys perform a cover of Disgorged Foetus. 

Rating: Parazitosis: 7,5 / 10 Cephalophore: 7/10  

Buy this tape HERE!

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