Intestinal Disgorge – Lurking In The Void Between Dreams (Eyes Of The Dead Productions)

Till now I’ve remebered Intestinal Disgorge to be sapheaded noisecore players, who sucessfully mix noise and gore. Once the guys got spastic and started playing something odd. I’m not a huge fan of what they do now… but if you enjoy the album “Let Them In” you must like the fresh “Lurking In The Void Between Dreams”. I would even say that the last one is kind of a follow-up of the previous release. All here is dismally atmospheric: 21 tracks will extensively goof on your ears.
Songs represent a scrapquilt made of hundrends of incongruous pieces – styles and noises are absolutely different. It seems like various compacts were put in a kibbler and then glued together again.
This storm of harsh evil reminds of the sound which comes out when you switch the channels or radiostations quickly. This is what noisefans would enjoy. 

Rating: 6/10    Intestinal Disgorge    Eyes of the Dead

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