X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)

Spain is very rich for all kinds of talents. This wonderful country gave birth to a lot of great bands. But the most famous bands will be reviewed next time. Today, I want to put on a GGGG turntable the first album of a young band called X-torsion. If you do not take their participation in compilation into account, then OdioEterno is their first serious work. Hmmm, maybe I have to go to a psychiatrist, but the art on this album made me smile. A sort of a funny black humor half-rotten cartoon head, I could not not see anything repulsive. The group is new to me, but after carefully listening to the album I did not find anything new. But that does not mean anything bad, I guess it is just too difficult to surprise me with the music. The mere fact that the debut album was released on vinyl is already surprising, because that is not cheap at all… The content of black (as the old rock fan’s T-shirt) is full of energy. That mix of fast hc-punk and fastcore, with some notes of grindcore – that really rocks. There are songs for any taste. Want some punk – there you go, want something harder – is also possible. The highlight for me here was the vocals. Spanish makes the music sound more angry. 

Rating: 8/10    X-Torsion    Buy this LP here!

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