Traffic Death ‎– Don’t Be A Projectile (Vehicular Genocide Records)

Very funny band. Hmm … I’ve been thinking how to describe it and that’s what I came up with. Traffic Death is what happens if you put some grind, crust, crossover, and a bit of punk mold into a mixer. Turn it on. Then we put some skater shoes on this mixture, give it a skateboard and let it go for a walk around the city, yep, just like that)) Some Slayer and DRI attributes on the cover art can be confusing, it may seem for a moment that this album somehow looks like Municipal Waste but that’s not fucking right. Damn, this album really cheers you up, if I knew how to ride a skateboard, I’d be rolling with this music in my ears. Hysterical, black-ish vocals ties all these songs with some kind of barbed wire. Punk riffs mixed with crossover parts … all full of different intros from the 60’s films (which makes the songs more interesting). General style of these Americans vaguely reminded me of something that Birdflesh play. PS: I made a tattoo with the homeless guy from the back of this record on my leg, he’s really cutie … “Will grind for Crust”, now that’s nice, hahaha! 

Rating: 7.5/10   Traffic Death bc     Traffic Death fb

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