The Vanishing Act / G.O.D. (Self release)

In the last couple of years the Canadian scene reminds me of some footage from the film about the aliens (the point where the queen lays a lot of eggs), there is more and more new bands appearing, and older groups are shaking their old bones as well. The Vanishing Act fully confirms its name, these guys were away for a couple of years and now here you are, a new fresh split with G.O.D. (Album, which made a lot of noise last year). The interesting thing is that the guys are not only sharing the space on split, they also made the front cover together, that’s what I call true friendship)) Oh yes, there are two variants of this cassette – for Europe, released by Grindfather Productions in all sorts of colors, and a self release – the main difference here in cassette itself. Self-release is made of semi-opaque purple plastic and logos are painted, no stickers. This option plays very good with the cover art.
Grotesque Organ Defilement begin their part with a very interesting intro that rocks the listener. The second track is already a fast goregrind tornado. Signature snare drum sound – you won’t confuse it with anything. I think that’s because so many people love this band. Throughout almost whole side guys do not slow down, even when playing a cover of Machetazo. And only in the cover of the Polish Squash Bowels they go much slower.
The Vanishing Act were able to record 4 tracks. The content has death-grind core, but it is very audible and there’s also some black-metal experiments included. I still remember the epic ending of “Plagiario”. ANd the track called “Dead Friends” seemed almost pure black. By the way, this track is there for some special purpose, guys dedicated their part of the split to their dead friends …

Rating:  G.O.D. 8/10      The Vanishing Act 7.5/10

G.O.D.    The Vanishing Act

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