Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

How many grind albums & splits have been released through all those past years? But brazilians don’t lose their interest in that style, it still burns so brightly! Every year this country gives a lot of good different releases for fans of grind. And now I hold in my hands this lathe сut split with two old well-known and respected bands. Must notice that this small release was dedicated to our friend Antonio Ambrozio, rest in peace brother…
Art on this split is pretty thematic (as for grindcore). Impersonation of chaos, destroyed town and the main character looking at its remains… Frankly, I’ve been thinking for some time on what to write about the musical content of this release. Because this split has about 50 seconds of sound… a little bit more than 20 second for each band (this is not enough to understand everything). Probably the main difference between both bands is in vocals and sound. Shitfun has more punk sound than Plague Rages. And Plague Rages has more heavy and a little bit more aggressive sound.
Also this lathe сut has an info card inside. It contains a lot of different info, personally for me was it very interesting to know that this vinyl was made on 70 (!) year old machine 🙂

Rating: 7.5 / 10       Plague Rages   Shitfun    Gozer rec

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