Patisserie, Meatal Ulcer, Organs Tortured (Soondoongi Records)

Well, probably the first thing that caught my attention and surprised me about this split was the front cover. It`s pretty interesting and quite unusual for a gore release. Snow white riders riding the noble pegasus while making their way through the vast space of the universe. I really don’t know if the artist was on drugs or something while making this art but it looks really cool, hehehe)) Even the name of this split «Ride The Wings Of Tomorrow’s Universal Gore Friendship» makes you smile.

So, Patisserie had the privilege to be the first ones on the list. These guys play great middle tempo goregrind. But sometimes, it sounds very much like horror grind, with Carcass influence. Rhythm section is very prominent and the vocals are pretty complicated as well. I particularly enjoyed the guitar sounds. They were pretty solid and massive (and there are even some short solo parts as well)… And it all sounds balanced and integral.

Meatal Ulcer will never stop raping our ears. The first thing that you can notice is the band’s trademark bulldozing vocals. It’s helluva, the only way I can describe it is like when Godzilla is getting sick, hahah!) Bass, guitars and digital drums are slightly shifted to the background but their rich sound compliments this monstrous & gurgling mass perfectly.

Well, as they say there’s always one scabbed sheep that will mar a whole flock. As for me, I think that scabbed sheep is Organs Tortured. They sound too weak compared to their friends. They make too noisy guitar sounds. Sometimes, you can clearly hear the guitar sounds but it makes vocals fade away. I can’t say that material is a total shit, because it won’t be true. However, the sound and a lousy mix – and a good first impression is completely ruined…

Patisserie: 8/10
Meatal Ulcer: 8/10
Organs Tortured: 6/10

Meatal Ulcer     Organs Tortured   Patisserie   Soondoongi rec

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